An impressive, modern exhibition stand is a must at any trade conference. We supply durable, easy-to-assemble, stylish printed pieces. Our printing is the highest quality, and our staff are happy to help you produce a design that will “wow” exhibition-goers.

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Tension Banner Stand

£120.00 £144.00 inc. VAT
adjustable width and height
widths range 130cm-290cm
heights range 85cm -225cm
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Drawing people to your exhibition stands

The main aim of your exhibition stands design should be to draw people’s eye. The second (but still important) aim is to maintain a sleek, modern image for your brand. Finally, it’s vital to have portable and easily assembled stand kits.

With all that in mind, there are lots of options to suit any exhibition situation – from the smallest conference to the largest trade show.

Currently extremely popular is the Curved Pop Up Stand + Display. A curved pop-up stand is a striking option that’s suitable for most spaces; while the branded counter sets you apart from the stands that rely on venue-supplied furniture. Pop-ups are the best option for businesses who want an easy journey and a quick set-up; they can be assembled in minutes and disassemble into easily-portable units.

We’re also a fan of the ceiling system trend; it gives exhibition display stands a “roof”, which lends the stand a solidity it might otherwise lack. It’s also noticeable from a long distance, bringing brand awareness into the game from the moment a customer enters the hall. Although it’s solid-looking, the Circle Ceiling System is surprisingly lightweight, making it a realistic choice for smaller teams.

Impressing people at your stand

Once you’re speaking to a potential client or partner at your stand, the details are essential.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to look ultra-professional – a Branded Floor Mat, with a crisp, custom-printed design, is one of those little things that makes a big difference. Not only is it stylish, it helps your feet… we’re not a fan of concrete exhibition floors either!
Other considerations are bowls of sweets or, in summer, little bottles of water to give out. It seems silly, but it creates a positive association with your brand that’s invaluable for a business. Check out our exhibition stands and find it out for yourself!