Exhibitions in the great outdoors can be challenging. British weather is notoriously fickle, which means you need durable displays.

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Custom Printed PVC Banner

£19.95 £23.94 inc. VAT
Custom – sized
Numerous finishing available

Outdoor H-Fix System

easy to display
width up to 300cm

X Banner Double Sided

Double-sided printing
3.5 kg weight
carry bag included

Customised items for outdoor display

Luckily, Print 4 Display has you covered. Our products and custom printing services are exceptionally high-quality, allowing your business to shine – whatever the weather.

Shows held outdoors present challenges for exhibitors.

You need to look professional while being eye-catching enough to compete with bright surroundings. You also need products which will stand up to inclement weather.

Print 4 Display has plenty of options for an attention-grabbing, modern, durable outdoor display. The flags, banners and even gazebos are specially designed to be as portable and easily set-up as possible – while being tough enough to survive rain, shine and everything in between.

In fact, the first thing our customers usually ask about is the stall itself. If the heavens open, visitors won’t be stopping to chat with companies who don’t have shelter! So, we developed a richly-coloured Branded Gazebo. These custom bits of kit not only provide shelter and storage space but make your brand visible from a distance.

Outdoor banners

In addition to the main stand display, many businesses choose to extend their influence with custom-made banners. These can be large or small; freestanding or affixed.

One of our most popular options is the Custom Printed PVC banner: a vibrant, weather-resistant piece that’s made to your specifications. The dyes and materials are high-quality, and the banner is suitable for most budgets – making it perfect for businesses who only occasionally need outdoor displays.